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Monday, November 30, 2009

We're open....again

We are off and running. It was a hard one this year. Paul and I have done more re-writes than ever before. As I said it gets harder every year. Right up to the last minute I was worried. The dress in front of 50 non English speaking people.....well it seemed that way, was very hard and I was slitting my wrists after. However opening show on Saturday afternoon was wonderful, and then Saturday!!! it was as rip snorter. (my dad's saying) So thanks to a great team. You couldn't put a show on of this standard in 10 days if we all didn't pull together. I had to have two days off in the middle because of a bug. But I managed to catch up.
Funny moment. There is a part where I say this is very embarrassing ....I'm an award "nominated" actor (re Jolosn)
But by mistake I said I'm an award "winning" actor, and everyone standing in the wings shouted "oh no your not" I roared at that. I think we are in for a great run. Thanks to Paul for being a great director.
David is on tour with Example and Lilly Allen at the moment and getting the best experience a young muso could possibly get. Right in the think of the pop world. Earls Court, Arenas all over the country. Wonderful. Every one else is great. Speak soon


Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Well Mr Negative was right.....didn't win the TMA award. Oh well I'll just have to be happy with my cycling proficiency award.
Nearly at panto time. Script all finished and frocks all ready. Really looking forward to it. Grant and I have set a time for our coffee before our first day of rehearsal. Its a little ritual we have. I've got two weeks at home before I go up on the 15th. What a bonus that is. Ross is over from L A so spending some time with him this week. Ok that's about it. Speak once we are open.


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