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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Really sorry for ignoring you for so long.....I have been on holiday in Los Angeles with my family. It was the best holiday I have ever had. I very rarely rave about a holiday as most of my life is a holiday, but this was fantastic. From the minute we left till we arrived home....on time. We stayed with Ross King in his home in the Hollywood Hills. (you can see the Hollywood sign from his pool.) Then we went to Santa Monica (by the beach) for a few days. The weather was magnificent and the food and the shops (Kate was in his element) seemed so cheap because of the strength of the pound. Anyway back to work on the Oriana and now I'm off on the Jewel of Sea next week.
While I was in LA I got a call from the producers of The Producers (the musical) and they have signed me up to do the Glasgow part of the show (Kings theatre) as Roger De Bris. I have wanted to do this part since I saw the show in New York about 6 years ago.
So its me back in a frock again, singing "Keep it Gay". (if its good enough for Peter Kay its good enough for me. I have had a few costume meetings for the Panto and the script is really coming together. Ok I'll go now.
ps Ross says I am a sad bastard for having a blog.....Where else would I get chance to say how much I hate British Airways.


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