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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I think this will be the last blog before.....yes its here again....before Panto. Mother Goose. As I write we are nearing the million pound advance in the box office. How crazy is that. We will open with £1 million in the cash register. I remember not too long ago getting very excited when we passed the £1million mark about 5 weeks in. So any one of our panto family reading this ......thank you. We couldn't do it without your fantastic support.
So the script is all finished, we have made a nice wee advert for the TV and I have a couple of contracts left before decamping to Edinburgh. This will be my last year in the flat I have had for the last 5 years. It felt like a home from home but now the owner is going to rent long term so I'll have to look for some place new. Maybe I'll just sleep in my dressing room.
Everything is good. Jane is the star at the moment with two fantastic shows she is doing hospitality for, Robbie Williams and the Rolling Stones. I'll be flying down to see those shows..... cant wait.
David out on his own and Kate loving every minute of Vocal Tech. Its great to see her with a buzz again. So glad she's away from the negativity of Arts Ed.
Ok I'll speak after we open.....



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