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Monday, July 30, 2012

Its been a while

HI all

Well its been a very busy few months mostly on Cunard. I love those ships.
Had a little interesting moment on the Queen Mary 2 recently......Aunty May arrived on stage to do a little 10 minute spot and as she started a man got up and walked out. He had grey bushy hair and as anyone would do she followed him and very politely asked him where he was going!!!!! He turned round and started shouting. 'Men should be dressed as men and women dressed as women you are a sico ....Well how dare he try to say she wasn't a real woman. She came back....very politely and with a little humour, suggesting he got a hair cut and he looked like an explosion in a mattress factory.....well you would wouldn't you. He then started to come towards her, menacingly. She returned to the stage and very politely told him not to come near her or she would hit him with her hand bag. The crowd went wild, they loved it. Aunty did I think make quite a lot of the situation over the next 10 minutes. I was told by many people it was the most fun they had had in years. How exciting. Me thinks the man doth protest too much. Incidentally I was told later that the man had caused a lot of problems complaining about everything over the cruise. Hope to see him again sometime.

All the family are well and David will  be leaving Example at the end of next month to pursue his own solo career. It has been an incredible 3 years and one of the best learning curves he could ever have. Elliot has been a fantastic mentor and is still helping him with everything from contracts to writing. Thank you Elliot (Example) for everything.

Kate has left Arts Ed and is going to Vocal Teck to major in singing and song writing.

Jane is unbelievably busy and is still at the office even though we fly to LA in 3 hours time. (Air New Zealand this time. Its supposed to be the best now)

So 3 weeks in my second favourite place in the world.... with my best pal. Cant wait.

Oh yes and its my birthday today.

Happy buddy taw yaw........some people will understand this


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