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Monday, December 17, 2007

We're off and running

Well I should have written this sooner but when you do 2 shows a day and then have two whiskey and cokes you don't feel like doing anything else.
The show is great. We have had good ish reviews. The Edinburgh Evening News was 5 stars....not like Mr Dibden to be nice, but he was. Most of the other papers have gone from 3 to 4 stars and basically said they felt the story was a bit weak. Well the problem is that with almost every other panto you know the story before you go in. With this one you only know that the bears don't like anyone sitting in their chairs. The rest is made up. So you have to work a little bit. I am very happy with the comedy and the cast , the lights the set and the music is great. Everyone I have talked to says the same thing. It's great....its very different. That's very fair. We set out to make it different. I am enjoying it just as much this year, and believe it or not I have started writing stuff for next year. At least when you come in next year you will know that Aladdin gets the lamp and the girl.....what more could you ask for. I'm in London at the moment as I have come down to see David's first gig with his new band. They are playing at China Whites. A very trendy club in the centre of London. I'm more nervous than he is. So he is doing about 6 of his own songs with a band he has put together from LCCM ( his college) By the way. I don't think I have mentioned that I'm selling my 1965 Gibson 330TD. It's original except for the machine heads and its in great nick. David didn't want it and it never gets used so £2000 will secure. Any enthusiasts contact me through the website.
OK its back to Ed tomorrow and into 11 more shows.


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