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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Hi, just back from thousands and thousands of miles or travelling. Flew to Singapore, round to Mauritius, then flew to Dubai, round to Cairo and then flew home. I was away for 3 weeks. I never usually go away for as long as that but unfortunately that was the only way it could work this time. Actually I enjoyed the whole trip. The audiences were great and I had good mates on board so I wasn't bored.....that's quite clever isn't it. Lionel Blair and his lovely wife Sue were on the Arcadia and we laughed for 7 days. He did a lovely act called Tap and Chat, where he showed an amazing film of him tap dancing with Sammy Davis Jnr. The weather was amazing and I just lay around burning for 3 weeks. I know it's not clever but I love it.
It was great to get back though as its such a difficult time at home and I need to be here for Jane and the kids. I'm lucky most of my gigs for the next month or so are short 3 day trips. I'm off on a new ship in a couple of weeks, the Celebrity Eclipse. It's supposed to be stunning. David is off on tour with Example again and he has a big management company interested in him. They are all very excited about his music.
Andy Gray is back in the Edinburgh panto this year which is great news. We haven't worked together for about 4 years, so the old gang is back together.
Ok that's it for now. Bye


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