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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Showbiz is alive and well

Well.....I went to the Take That concert at Wembley. Sensational !!!! I hate stadium concerts but this was so spectacular that I sat and marveled at the whole thing. I also don't like circus acts but the way that Kim Gavin staged and choreographed the whole show made my hair stand on end. When a 40 foot mechanical elephant emerged from the "B" stage and carried the boys to the main stage.... When a 100 foot blow up monster with a virtual face engulfed the stage and flames surrounded them....when they made them selves up as clowns on stage.....I realised that although people say that light entertainment is dead.....its not. They are keeping it alive. Oh to have the financial resources to put a show like this on. They could have easily taken the money from the massive sell out concerts and put it in their pockets, but they didn't. They put it back into the business. They also still look like they are excited by the whole thing.
Ok back to real life. I was on the Jewel of the Seas (RCL) last week. Lovely ship but not easy working to 1000 Americans, 400 Brits, and 600 Spanish, Swedish, German, Japanese punters. At least half of them couldn't figure out why I was singing a song called "big fat cow." Well hey ho, it went well considering. Back home now for a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to doing some family stuff. David has a gig on Tuesday and Kate does her drama play on Wednesday. A few nice bar B Q's and spend some time with my very hard working wife.


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