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Monday, June 18, 2007

quick word

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm well and not really doing anything worth talking about. Just writing, performing and lying in the sun. David has finished school and is at home writing music in his studio. Jane is all over Europe and Kate is watching Big Brother.
Contemplating asking Aunty May to audition for Britain's got talent. She could take her Tenna Lady dancers along and in all honesty she would be great on the Royal. I can just see her asking the Queen "have you ever met Elvis......No.....wont be long now then."
Ok going now.....missing you already.

Friday, June 01, 2007


So what does that title mean......I went to see a great act last nignt in Windsor. His name is Tweedie and he is doing the panto this year. Paul Elliot (producer) and I went to have a chat with him. He is a great character and will play the kind of Buttons character who fancies Goldilocks but will he get her .......that is the question. He has a great face and body language and I can imagine having a lot of comedy moments with him.
I don't know if you know but Andy Gray isn't doing the panto this year. It's like the year that I went off and did Wimbledon and left the team. I'm not sure what Andy is doing but we will miss him. Grant is there and Joe Fairy is back with us. Claire from two years ago is back with us as Goldilocks and we have a really different musical/circus extraviganza. I'm really excited about it. I will be the circus owner Gertie who is desperately trying to keep the Circus from bankrupcy. Paul is starting to put the plot down and I will start to get some comedy ideas ...... it gets harder every year. David has one more week of school and he is finished. I cant believe it. Seems like yesterday we drove him to boarding school and Jane and I cried driving home on our own. Kate is loving school. Jane is flying all over the place and I am as busy as box office attendant at the Adam Smith Theatre. Right that's it for now.
Good night Michael and Catherine


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