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Sunday, April 08, 2012


Well I have been rebuked for not updating my I apologise again.
Been back on the 'ships' as they say. Queen Victoria and it was great as usual. Amazing audience and I tried out a new bit. I sing a duet with Susan Boyle. I'm live....(dah! ) and she is on a screen from Hollywood. Well to tell you the truth its me live in Hollywood in her well known gold frock and BGT look. It went well but I have some technical problems to work out before it all comes together.
Talking of Su Bo, Andy opened in the Su Bo musical in Newcastle a couple of weeks ago. The show got rave reviews and looks like it will go on to world domination. Well done Michael and to all concerned.
I think we wont be able to do the Aunty May play now in February as they will probably be on tour or the west end and so Andy wont be available. So I will move to plan B. A kind of Variety show. I'm thinking of a show called Allan and Al. First half me and second half Al Jolson. I've wanted to do this one man Al show since I did the musical but its not a 2 hour show. So I'll do a bit of both sides of me.
This time though.......wait for it...... I'll black up as Al ....lets see what reaction that gets.
I would love to put Kate, my daughter into the first half. She is a fabulous singer and just dying to get on that Kings stage.
David releases his free down load on the 15th of April. As mentioned before he has some amazing features on it. I can name them now. Ed Sheerin, Example, and Wretch 32. He has written, produced, and financed the whole thing himself. Including a beautiful video to a song called "Lay on the Bonnet' So lets hope, along with the arena tour with Example it will move his solo career to the next level.
Everything else is well I now have the busiest year ahead of me, and Paul and I have had the first official meeting about the Panto. we go again.

I wont leave it so long till the next time.....promise.


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