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Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Christmas


Well we are well and truly open, and although I say it myself this is a great show. As I said before we have a lot of changes this year. (new producer, director, choreographer, lighting designer, and except for the three old tarts a new cast)
We have had great feed back in the press and from the general public. I am really enjoying it this year. I say that every year but this year especially. Panto is a bit like sex even when its bad its good......Did I just say that out loud. (I know a dirtier version of that saying )
The sets are beautiful and the crocodile is an incredible prop. Peter Pan is always a difficult panto to do as its not the traditional type of story, but Michael Harrison has done a fantastic job of getting all the important bits into the story. He also came up with some great comedy ideas. I did a lot of the comedy stuff as usual and it worked to be a great partnership. By the way we don't do 'Rocking all over the World'. It was time for a change.
Other news ......I went down to London last week to see my baby (Kate) in her first panto. She is Snow White in Milton Keynes. She was wonderful. I was so proud. Its so funny because she has gone from pop star (touring with Bondax) doing clubs at 3 in the morning to screaming kids, to panto at 3 in the afternoon with screaming kids. Great experience for her. You must do all kinds of show business nowadays.
David still writing and has had interest from Atlanta in the States from a massive company fronted my the wrapper and film star Ludicrous. So he is off to the States next year. (visa permitting)
Jane busy busy with the Robbie Williams tour next year plus Gary Barlow tour.
So that's the news for now. I'm flying down to London for Christmas this year, because Kate can't get up here. So its always stressful worrying about the weather. Fingers crossed.
Have a great Christmas and I'll speak to you in the new year.

bye. xxx


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