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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Its been a long time

Yes once again I apologise for not keeping up to date with my blog. I could explain why but its boring.
So.....since last writing I have had a wonderful week at the Kings in Edinburgh with the Big Big Variety show. It was better than my expectations. It looked and sounded great and the best part for me was that the McRoberts Brothers were born. Boaby, Big Boaby and Wee Boaby. (Me Grant and Andy) This was and idea that Ross (The King) had and as we lay in his swimming pool in LA in the summer he came up with this whole idea for the this spoof Scottish Folk group. When we walked on stage on the first night as the group  the audience just laughed and kept laughing till I eventually spoke. Grant and Andy created two very funny characters and every night it just got stronger and stronger. So much so that next year when we do Big Big Variety show 2 I will feature the McRoberts Brothers as one of the star acts. Watch this space. All the acts on the show excelled themselves. I could have done another week.
Since then I have been to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Panama, Aruba, and Gran Cayman. I had the worst jet lag I've ever had. Just couldn't get it together for about 2 weeks. Anyway back to normal now.
Jane is off to Europe with the Robbie Williams Swing tour. Kate has a lot of interest from record and publishing companies ( a deal is imminent ) and David has almost signed a management deal in Atlanta with a big company. So The Stewarts are in great form.
So after a couple of weeks at home its back to some lovely cruising with Cunard. They are so good to me.
So that's it up to date.....I promise to keep up dating more often.



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