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Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Hi everyone,

Just about to fly off to Dubai to pick up the Queen Victoria. I decided to have a couple of days in Dubai before boarding. I had a nice trip on the Queen Elizabeth and another 5 days in LA. So up till now, this year has been very nice. I unfortunately mentioned to Jane that she shouldn't complain about the bad weather, as I don't.  She came back with the point that she wouldn't complain either is she had been to LA twice, Costa Rica, and Mexico.....Ah!!!! and my face was shut.
Bit of Panto news. Mr Paul Elliott (my friend and co-writer) has decided to hang up his panto crown. 45 incredible years. He now wants to go round the world with his beautiful wife Linda and continue producing hit shows. We will all miss him and I personally will miss all the great panto meetings we had throughout the year.
Ed Curtis is taking over the directing and Michael Harrison the producing and writing. I will still be writing the comedy stuff.....gets harder every year. We will have a new choreographer as well and a few other changes......but the boys are still together. Andy, Grant and myself will be meeting for Costa coffee on November 17th....or is it 24th....oh well someone will tell me nearer the time. Peter Pan is a difficult panto to do but its a great challenge and I know Michael has some magnificent ideas for us this year. So.......Book with confidence... Ok!!!!!
We are all well and Kate ripped the place apart at her show case (Vocal tech) last week. She is so good. David's single and LA video will be out in about 2 months. He's just getting all his ducks in line at the moment.
That's it for now I'm off to the sun....



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