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Thursday, March 24, 2011

British Airways

Its a long time since I had a rant about British Airways, but they left me high and dry when they delayed a flight from Miami to London and eventually cancelled it. They didn't try very hard to help and eventually I have to go with Air France (whose business class if crap) and fly for 2o hours to get to my eventual destination. Wasn't happy. However eventually got onto the Arcadia and had 8 great days. Wonderful weather and I met a great guy called Chip Hawkes (Chesneys dad) who was in the Tremeloes and had all these hits in the 60's. Hung out with him most days and talked about my era. Actually my knowledge of the 60's is quite good. I'm home now for a little while and the weather has been great since I got back. Everyone well.... well actually Jane's back is bad. Kate doing some GCSE's this week and David back from tour. So its Fasher and son having lunch and hearing about his rock star life on the road.....happy days. Had first proper meeting with Paul Elliot about Cinderella today. Here we go again. Some good ideas came about though. We really bounce off each other. I love it.


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