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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My apologies

Sorry, I have never left it so long between blogs before. So much has happened. David and I had a great week on the Jewel of the Seas. He did a number in my show. It went really well. We didn't argue, that's not bad for an old guy and a young guy. He's a great kid, takes after his mum.
We went to LA for our hols. I was worried that Kate would get bored as she was on her own with us. We were invited to a bar-b-que at a friends house. (They are a great group called Purple Melon and they have moved over to LA to crack the States) Now, as well as the 5 man band they had twin brothers and aged 16 and she started to hang out with them. So we were made redundant. Anyway the holiday was as great as always and Ross and Briana looked after us so well. I just love it over there. Don't know if I could live full time but great for a holiday.
So back to ships for a while. I was on the Oriana but wasn't well (bad tummy) and had to postpone first show. Just getting over it now.
I'm sitting in a hotel room in Quebec Canada writing this. Never been here before. I'm picking up the Aurora and coming back to Southampton. So that's us up to date. I'm off to look around Quebec....they all talk French. As the taxi driver dropped me off he said aurevoir and I said bonjour....what a prat. (cant spell those French words)


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