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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Latest news

Well actually not too much news. Once you are on the road life becomes pretty much getting up going to the theatre and doing the shows. They are great though. Guildford was lovely because I stayed with friends and a lot of people came from London to see the show. We got the best review ever from the Surrey Advertiser....not exactly the Times...but. The lovely lady actually said "Watching the show makes you wish you had seen Al Jolson live....but then he couldn't have been as good as Allan Stewart. Not that I have memorised it or anything. Actually up to now every single review has been amazing. Well except for Dibdens. I think I'll send him all the lovely stuff and point out that maybe he is right and everyone else is wrong. 
We are in Plymouth at the moment and its a really lovely place, especially as the weather has been great. Up to Newcastle next week. Looking forward to it as its a great theatre and packed from what I hear. Only getting home for one day though, really need two days to recover. I cant believe we are half way through the tour. It seems like yesterday that I was thinking I cant learn all this stuff.....
Ok off to do the matinee.


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