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Saturday, August 01, 2009

summer....yeh right

My wife has come up with a novel idea for the television companies to save money.....get rid of the weather reports. They are always wrong. Not just on a long term basis, but on a day to day basis. You sit at night checking the forecast for tomorrow to decide if one should organise a bar be q. They don't even get close.
Anyway, that's that off my chest. What with buying shoes last week because they were comfortable and balking at the price of Waitrose's sea bass, I think I am now truly old. Well it was my birthday this week. Mind you when I listen and look at some of the passenger on the ship who are the same age as me, I realise I'm OK.
David and I are going on the Jewel of the Seas this week. He is going to perform with me as well. Then we are off to LA for 3 weeks. Really looking forward to it. Need some sun. I've been up the Baltic (if you'll excuse the expression) all summer and its unbelievably boring. Panto script coming along nicely. Paul Elliott and I have had a quite few meetings. My costumes are wonderful. Courtesy of the lovely Chris Hayward. Although I think he had them taken in a bit so they would be too small for me. (what a nasty thing to do)
OK off to watch the rain come pouring down.


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