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Sunday, March 15, 2009

2nd week

Well, as I suspected our opening night audience in Bromley was a lot quieter than my great week in Edinburgh. I had to adjust to the idea that they were coming to see a musical about Jolson and not Allan Stewart in a musical about Jolson (if you know what I mean) Anyway as the week progressed it really came together and I felt I turned a major corner by Thursday. I cant thank Donna and Chris enough for their patience. They were so solid every time I veered off the script. They just carried on and pulled me back in again. Thanks, you are great. Ed Curtis (director) was over the moon on Thursday and other than the fact that his car was locked in a car park and we were stranded in Bromley, he's still a great guy. Once or twice in life the stars all align and everything comes together. That's what we have at the moment. Ok off to Stoke next week ......what can I say.



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