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Thursday, April 30, 2009

the latest

Hi, once again not a lot to tell. Arrived in Norwich this week. Beautiful boutique B and B. Called 3 Princes. Probably the best on the tour. Its a lady called Carol who owns it and its just great. I rang the door bell and she opened the door in a her night dress. Funny place to have a door. She said did I have a good memory for faces. I said yes she said good there's no mirror in the bathroom. I had salad for dinner the first night, salad for dinner the next night and salad for dinner the third night. Then she asked if I wanted her to read my tea leafs. I said yes. She said I tall dark handsome man was coming .....i said I hope its the butcher.....tar ah!!!!
Its the old land lady routine. Thought it might amuse. Sad bastard. 
Poor Louisa our wonderful understudy has had to cancel because of illness. We will miss her. We travelled a lot together and she was lovely. Get well soon. Catherine Rooney (my favourite best friends girlfriend) is taking over. She is lovely as well. You may remember her. I mentioned  in a old blog that she was a 'young' Jane.. I mean that in a caring way. 
We hit Scotland next week. Dundee. I'm staying with my good friend Fiona in Aberdeen (daughter of the famous Calum Kennedy) and then we finish....can you believe it finish already, in Glasgow. Really looking forward to that. 
Ok got two shows today. 


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