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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

they think its all over

Well, what can I say. Finished on a fantastic high. The Glasgow week was unbelievable. Every night was like a football crowd at the end. A lovely man I called " the Saltcoats Jolson" came three nights in a row and  got up and sang at the end . It was also great that so many people I haven't seen for years came back to say hello. Two of the members of my first backing group, The Set, came round to say hello. We recorded the show on the Wednesday. Unfortunately it was only for my personal use as copyright stops me from using it for anything else. I also recorded a documentary for Alba TV. I went back to my old primary school. It hadn't changed one bit. I also went to my old house where I was brought up. That was really weird. Cathy McDonald, the presenter, is a lovely lady. Its a Gaelic show but obviously the interview was in English. Mchlish chala sha machich na hoolash. I just made that up. 
So back home and trying to de Jolson ise myself. Last word on it for the moment. It was the best team of people I could  possibly have worked with. Michael ...... we have to do it again. 
Now my rant. 
Thank goodness someone has had the guts to stand up and say what they think of Susan Boyle. Its the emperors new clothes. Since her first appearance I have been wondering what is the British public was thinking of. Yes it was fun to see a dowdy little middle aged woman sing pleasantly. But that was about it. Would you go to a concert and listen to her sing for an hour. I don't think so. Anyway she showed her true colours the other night, and Lilly Allen had the guts to point out just how average she is. I don't grudge her some success but please lets keep it in prospective. 
Ok I have a couple of weeks off now for the first time in 7 months. Lovely.


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