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Saturday, June 06, 2009


Hi, off on the Aurora tomorrow. Back to my day job. We went to Julianne Batt's birthday party last night at Centrepoint in London. It was wonderful. She had 60 of her friends and family there. Mike did a parody all about his beautiful wife and his group consisted of his daughter Hayley on bass, Luke on guitar and my boy David on drums. Hayley also did a beautiful song she wrote for her mum. Later on a group guys turned up and they were the SODS.  ( I think that's Society of Distinguished Songwriters )  ie some of the biggest song writers in the country. All pals of Mike who had been at a function in town. Don Black, who said he had been following my career and loved Jolson. Barry Mason (Delilah) and the highlight for me David Arnold. He is one the most prolific song writers and producers of our time. He, as a 12 year old came to see me with his parents, in Caesars Palace in Luton and I let him play my guitar in my dressing room. He had always remembered that it was me that got him into music. How cool is that. I haven't seen him for over 30 years. It was very special to chat to him and talk about my son David to him. 
We are off to a forest in Kent today to see David support Status Quo playing drums in Luke White's band. 
The big question is, will I remember my act. I haven't worked it for about 9 months. I suppose as I have been doing it for about 30 years it might come back to me.
Ok bye for now.


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