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Friday, March 06, 2009


Well, what an opening. As far as I was concerned my performance had been a bit up and down up till the official opening night (Tuesday), but it all came together on the opening night....good idea for a song. The audience were amazing and Donna and Chris were sensational. Donna has managed to get a round of applause on every mean feat. Everyone was over the moon and we had drinks at Hendrix after meeting the cooooncilors and the Mayor. It turns out that Sir Tom Farmer is a Jolson fan and he wants to come back and sit at the front so he can sing along with me. 
We are also knocked out with the Reviews. The Scotsman, 4 stars, The Daily Record 4 stars, The Herald 4 stars and they all raved. As expected Dibden of the Evening News liked the show but as he always does, had a pop at me. But you know the old saying "sticks and stones may break by bones but Dibden cant box office" I think thats what it is. We've broken box office records so what can I say.
So its off to Bromley next week and I'm sure a more sedate audience. I wonder if we'll get them on their feet every night.
PS, thanks for all your lovely emails sent via my web site.


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