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Friday, January 08, 2010

nearly over

Well, we only have just over a week to go and its been a great success again. Business has been up 8% (and in a recession) and we've a fantastic time doing the show. Everyone has worked hard. I think that is the reason it works. We never let the energy dip. When we opened it took about a week, as usual, to find all the little comedy bits that you don't know about till an audience comes in. Then you just keep adding every show and also editing. Next year is the end of my 3 year contract at the Kings so we'll see what happens after that. I say three year contract, more like the 13 year contract. If only I had bought a flat up here in Edinburgh when I first started.
David is going from strength to strength. He is working with a guy called Example and was touring with Lilly Allen recently. Example's single is out this week and David is doing all the TV's and gigs around the country. He also looks like he is signing with a new management. His writing is so strong at the moment. Kate and Jane are doing well. So the whole family is on form.
I have a couple of weeks off then I go to the Caribbean to pick up the Oriana.
Ok that's the news for now.


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