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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its over

Well, what an end to a great season. We had the audience from heaven on Saturday night. They just roared at everything. Then Sunday first matinee was great fun with a few different gags (that's tradition on second last show) then the last show..... I was feeling a bit down and not feeling like doing the show....then we get the news that Susan Boyle was in the audience. As I do an impression of her, I thought this is going to be fun. Then I get a message that she would like to come on stage with me and I think, this is going to be a bit of showbiz magic. I mean who gets the biggest name in the world at the moment to walk on at the end of your impression.....and she did. It was wonderful. The audience went wild. They screamed and shouted Su Bo, Su Bo. She was lovely and had photo's taken with the cast back stage. I said to her before she came on "Hello darling thanks for doing this" she said "Oh its great this is great fun." I couldn't see her after the show as she was going back with her friends. But she certainly set the place alight. My mate Ross King and his lovely fiance, Brianna were in Edinburgh and saw the show the night before. So I called him and said get down here now, its going to be great. So he was there as well. So it was the end to an incredibly successful season. Now we have to start again for next year......


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