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Friday, January 14, 2011

almost there

Well only a week to go till the end of the panto. Its been an incredible season yet again. We have broken all box office records and had unbelievable laughs on stage and off. Grant has been his best bady yet. He really loves scaring the poor unsuspecting public. Andy has been amazing and its like he's never been away. It feels strange going on a week late this year. In the past we would have been finishing this week but we still have a week to go. We had a fantastic bowling night last night. We had a sudden death 1 frame between Andy me and Grant. I got a 9 down with the first bowl, and then got a spare and hit the last thingy. Andy got 7 down....its in the bag I thought. Mr Stewart IS number one. Stotty has had too many pints to be a threat (incidentally I had a few whiskeys as well) and then the big eegit got a strike. So close yet so far away.
So its the panto party next week at the beautiful George Hotel and then home. I'm spending a few weeks recovering and then going out to LA for a week. Then back to a bit of cruising. Talks about Jolson in the Autumn and finish the Aunty May play. I'd like to put it on this time next year. Ok that's it for now.
Bye. x


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