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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jack and the Beanstock the Kings

Well end of the first weeks rehearsal. It was a fantastic week. We laugh so much. And even more this year with Andy Gray back in the building. We had an incredible first run through on Saturday morning, 5 days after meeting for the first read through. Everyone was off the book, including me (unheard of in the past) I am terrible at learning lines but this year for some reason it almost all stayed in the brain....amazing. Its also great to hear every one laughing at the material which is generally untested. I may have said this before (my wife tells me I have .....several times) this is a real cracker this year. Paul Elliott is waiting for the iceberg. As it happens it may be a real iceberg as I woke up to deep snow this morning. Will the set get through to Edinburgh in the this weather. We'll see. Didn't fly back this weekend as I usually do. Which is just as well. Probably wouldn't have got back up. Stotty boy on form as usual and Jo Freer as happy as I have seen her. Moyo is working well and our new "Jack" is great. The girls will love him.
So one more week of tightening and polishing and we'll be off and running. Wonderful. Look forward to seeing all our loyal fans.


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