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Saturday, August 28, 2010

back from hols

Well another great holiday in LA. I just love it over there. We know so many people out there now. Went to Andrew O'conner's new house in Brentwood. Its magnificent. We stayed down in Santa Monica at a wonderful hotel called the Mirimar. We had a bungalow by the pool. Its weird the weather isn't as good by the beach. We had a real laugh on the trip home. Guns and Roses were on the flight, they are really nice guys, and they just adored Kate.....dangerous. Noel Fielding was also sitting opposite us and Kate loves him as well. So she just flirted all the way across the Atlantic. I of course kept my fatherly eye on her all the time. So home now and back to the pissing rain. Had a panto music meeting yesterday and its all looking great. My head is into panto ....I cant believe how quickly it comes round. Ok bye for now...


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