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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

And Rest....

Well we are open and it all went incredibly well. Paul Elliott kept saying all through rehearsals....when will we hit the ice berg.....well we didn't, that is until I flew to London on Sunday night after the show (because all met office, BA and 3 other weather web sites didn't say we were in for a blizzard) and then realised on Monday morning that Edinburgh was SHUT. I got home at 11 pm spoke to Jane for 45 minutes then we both fell asleep. Next morning Jane went to work early and I woke up to the bad weather news. I then had to find a way of getting back up as I couldn't leave it to Tuesday incase it kept snowing. At one point I had decided to drive because the rail companies couldn't guarantee me a seat. Anyway thank God I didn't or I would still be on the motor way now. I eventually went to Kings Cross and got on the 4pm at a cost of £170 plus the lost flight which cost £100 plus taxis etc and all for 6 hours in my own bed.
Never mind I'm back up here in Edinburgh and my hatred for trains was slightly changed. Only slightly though. Every time that automatic door opened, sometimes for no reason at all, the draft froze my bollocks off. Eventually moved to a reserved seat and had a bad sandwich from the buffet.....nothing changes.
So I saw my wee girl who is getting ready for her audition to move into the students at Arts Ed. She really is talented. What a singer. David is on an Arena tour with Example and loving every minute of it. He'll be 21 in a couple of weeks. To think I stood on stage at the Kings with him when he was 2 weeks old. If only I could find that picture. Well that's the news for now. Speak soon. x


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