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Monday, September 27, 2010

panto update

Hi, well last week the boys got back together, Take That and Robbie Williams......has nothing on this. Andy Gray, Grant Stott and me.....we did a press call with Toffee the cow....a real cow (its Jack and the Beanstock you see) and then off the a Restaurant for dinner and a few drinks.....well more than a few. It was great fun and it was as if Andy had never been away. We slipped right back into the old gags and wind ups. Oh and the other news, because of a change of tour dates Jo Freer and Moyo, are back with us as well. So it really is the old team back together. The script is nearly complete and I'm just waiting for my first panic to come along. (usually about a month before) I have a few more ships and then I hit Edinburgh. We would all have happily started last week. Its strange that a job can be so enjoyable. I suppose its because we feel like this that its so successful. Business up by 8% as we speak. So if you don't have your tickets GET THEM NOW!
Off to the Caribbean next week, and in the words of Grant Stott....toot toot.


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