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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

And.... smile

Well I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is the best fun you can have with your cloths (dress) on.
We opened Aladdin on Saturday and although I say it myself its a corker. (good word)
My back went into a terrible spasm 3 days before the start of rehearsals (to add to the 6 weeks of illness I had) So I limped up to Edinburgh. Fortunately it eased off with the help the Angel of the North as I call her, Angie my back lady. She met me at my flat and started to manipulate my back into shape. She really is wonderful
Anyway we laughed our way through the rehearsals and it felt like a really good show from day one. Aladdin is such a great subject because we all know what is supposed to happen and its so easy to tell the story. All we have to do is be funny. Andy is on sparkling form, and Grant is bad....he is bad (in a good way of course)
Its always a scary moment when you work in front of the audience for the first time. Will the gags work......will we get laughs. Well it was fantastic. This is the best one for many years. Great FX and great cast. So its off and running for 82 shows. Bring them on.

On the family front. Kate's  (K Stewart) feature single (Koala)  is out on the 8th December. At the moment its on the A list on Radio 1 and Capital and getting massive air time. She has been recording in LA with David producing and writing with her. What a buzz that is. Seeing your children starting out in the world of show business. David is still jumping back and forth between Atlanta, NY and LA.
Jane is well and busy with Take That, Robbie and Simply Red. A busy year next year for her. I have a meeting about a new musical for 2016 with Andy and Grant, which I'll be writing with Ed Curtis. (well I'll do the comedy side of it) So all in all everything is great.
Just re-read the blog and it looks that terrible photo copied round robin that people used to send out at Christmas letting everyone know how well your doing. Oh well at least you cant throw this in the bin.

Bye xxx


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