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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hello summer

I know.... I know.....its been a long time, but I am home for a bit of a summer break and now I'm catching up with everything I should have down for the last month.

So what's happening. Here is a bit of news for next year. I'm producing a show at the Kings in Edinburgh (where else) called Allan Stewart's big BIG Variety show. Week starting March 5th for 4 nights. It will have by boys in it. Grant and Andy, the wonderful Paul Zerdon, an amazing new comedian Edward Reid and a beautiful girl group the Toosie Rollers. baby girl Kate. By the way she has left Vocal Tec and is now in the big world of show. So her first big contract is the lead in Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs at Milton Keynes. Wow!!! what a start. I guarantee you will be blown away when you hear her sing. Anyway I aim once again to prove that Variety is not dead and have a fun week with my pals at the same time. 
As for Peter Pan, Michael Harrison and I are almost there with the script and when we come up to see Grant and Andy in August (at the Festival) we will have a finished script to read through. 
As well as being Kate's agent (I got the Panto) I have been, along with Jane, helping David with his Pouring Rain project. He launched the 'taster' trailer two weeks ago and the full video for the song comes out on July 1st. He has a TV plugger and PR company in place and I have organised an interview with the lovely Suzi Mair (stv Scotland Today) for early August. The song goes on sale in I Tunes, Amazon, and Spotify on August 12. Have a look at this website He has been incredible in the way he has brought this whole project to fruition. Not many 23 year olds could have done this. 
I'm loving every moment of it and I'm using every contact I have to push this song along. But as we know it takes a lot of luck as well. 
Jane is very busy with the Robbie Williams UK and European tour. So apart from 5 wonderful days in Santorini in Greece we haven't seen much of each other. I'm mostly with Cunard till October then its some RCL before panto. 
Ok that's you up to date for another couple of months.



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