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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Better late than never

I am getting worse with my blogs.....I don't blame you if you don't even log on anymore. Anyway I'm going to try harder.....where have I heard that before.
Well the summer is nearly over and I've had a great time. In July I went down to the south of Italy (Lecce) to my pals Tony and Audrey's house. We had a fantastic week lying in the sun and eating the best Italian food I've had for ages. Came back from there and Jane was finishing of the Robbie Williams swing tour. Went to the O2 to see it. He is a fantastic performer. So then I did a quick trip on the Queen Elizabeth then off to LA for the annual Californian chill out. It was weird because Jane flew out first for some meetings. Then David flew out to do some writing sessions and then Kate and I flew out. All different times and airlines. Anyway we all met up at Chez Rossy. Kate had sessions organised for her as well. (she is just about to sign to Warner Music and to Global publishing) David wrote three wonderful songs and stayed on for an extra week because it was all going so well. I loved my time as usual driving around in my Cadillac 4x4 and generally being cool.....aye!!!!!
Jane and I went down to Santa Monica to Shutters on the Beach (not as good as usual....too busy) and we went up to 'Pretty Woman' Hotel the Beverly Wilshire. Wonderful. So we were away for about 3 weeks. Ross left us there as he flew to the UK for the launch of his novel 'Taking Hollywood' (Sherri King) Its really good. If your Scottish you'll love all the Glasgow stuff plus the raunchy stuff. Go out and buy or kindle it on Amazon.
So when we got back Jane and I went up to Glasgow for Ross's Scottish launch. It was a great night.
And now its back to the rain and misery of the last part of summer. I start the ships again in a few days.
The panto is coming along really well and I will be going up to Edinburgh in a few weeks to record the advert and do photos for next year......Snow White and the seven Dwarfs of Menapause .....Itchy, Bitchy, Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloaty, Physco. Sorry just a little gag there.
I have booked the fantastic Kev Orchian for the Big Big Variety show next year. Its a bit later this time. 6th April (Ester ish) plus the Boys and a great girl act called Saxation. Some more acts still to be confirmed. But it was such a success and fun last year I had to do it again.
Well that's you up to date now. Hope to see you at the Panto this year... I love Aladdin.


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