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Sunday, May 12, 2013

....and there's more


I got an email from someone the other day, via my website, and they said that they had gone back and read all my blogs since 2009......I wanted to say, I think you should get out more. But really is was very nice of her to bother. But the point is that really my life is quite boring.....However in saying that I really enjoy my life.
I read a music blogger's take on success in the music business the other day and he was pointing out that although it is very difficult to have the initial success the difficult part is to stay there. I totally agree. I am so lucky that I am still working all the time in a business that I love.
I am watching my children (Kate and David) both making there way in the music business and realising how difficult it is. Its a long process but I know they are going to make it.....and not the easy x factor way, but the slogging every night in a little club learning their profession way. It's the only way.
David has almost finished the process for the first single and hopefully it will be released via I Tunes in July. I think its amazing and everyone who sees the video loves it. But....its war out there and he's competing with hundreds of other great singles. Kate is doing her final Vocal Tec concert at the Shepherds Bush Empire on the 16th of June. So that's a biggie for her as well.
Jane and I are off for a little romantic break in Santorini and then she starts the whole Robbie Williams tour, Uk and Europe, so we wont see much of each other for a while.
Had the first panto meeting with Michael Harrison the other day and Peter Pan is going to be magnificent this year. I'm very excited about all the new elements.
So if we can just get a bit of a summer this year all will be well.


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