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Monday, October 21, 2013

4 weeks to go

Hi all
Only 4 weeks to the start of Panto rehearsals. I have to say I am very excited this year. There are so many changes it has a really fresh feel to it. I've even changed the apartment I'm staying in. I have a beautiful new flat overlooking the canal. Its very near the theatre so I can fall out of bed straight into the dressing room. I went up to Qdos headquarters in Scarborough with my producer Michael Harrison last week to look at costumes. Its a very impressive set up. I cant believe I've been working for Qdos for so long and haven't seen the heart of the company. Nick Thomas has built up a great company. So Aunty May Smee has gone back to basics this year with some lovely dame dresses. I originally wanted my dame to be quite simple in her clothes and over the years she has become more and more complicated. Last year I had 17 changes. So this year I decided to have just a few working dresses .....I sound like such an old tart.
The boys ( and I use the term loosely) have had a great success with 'Kiss me Honey' on tour and at the Kings. So they are both knackered but on great form. I have a couple of trips on RCL cruise line and then its up to Edinburgh.
So just a little note to let you know what's going on.



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