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Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to reality

Well back from LA. I do love it out there. I could see myself living there for about 4/5 months a year. We have such a great circle of friends/ex pats now. Anyway back to the rain and some hard work.
I went up to Edinburgh and Andy, Barbara Rafferty and myself did a work shop of 'Aunty May's Big Day' a play what I have wrote. It was fantastic fun and great learning curve. We put on a short performance of the first act for about 30 people and it went very well. I think I am going to try and put it on in some small venues (Ayr, Dundee, Perth) and see how it goes. If it all works then I'll hopefully do a Scottish tour in 2014. If God spares me (as mum used to say). The main thing is, it has got my juices going again. Great fun. Barbara and Andy are a joy to work with.
So I have Mr Stott's 50 Shades of Grant to do in Edinburgh in a couple of weeks then back to Cunard for a few contracts before Panto. The script was finished today. Paul has been working so hard on it this year. Mother Goose is a great subject for me. I get to be fat then beautiful.....ish. Oh yes and hopefully funny.
All is well at home and if the sun would just come out and give us an Indian summer all would be perfect.

bye xx


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