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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

HI Everybody,

I've just been reading an article about how people hate round robins in their Christmas card telling everyone how everything is going. I suppose the rubbish that I write every so often is one of those round robins. But I suppose you would only read it if you wanted to so I might as well carry on.

Actually I could just copy and paste last years blog at this time of the year as it hardly changes. Its now my 15th Panto at the Kings and people still keep coming. Its amazing. We opened to £1.5 mil in the box office. That cant be bad. I have to say though every year it gets harder and we never take it for granted.....Granted....see what I did there!
We are still a work in progress with a few of the comedy bits but over the 10 days rehearsal period we ironed out the bits that were worrying us and we opened on Saturday matinee to rousing audience. By our last show on Sunday night it had all settled down and we had started to enjoy it. It always amazes me how much the audience love it when I realise I haven't a clue what's happening next. I think they believe I do it me I haven' a clue. Its funny to watch the new members of the cast as I walk around the stage waffling to fill in while my computer like mind searches for a hint of where we are in the script. Andy and Grant are on form and we have started winding each other up already.
Had our Monday off yesterday and it was great to just slob all day. Last weekend I went down to London to see two concerts, the Stones and Robbie Williams at the O2. Both were great but in all honesty I enjoyed "Matilda', ' I Dreamed a Dream' and "the Bodyguard' more. Don't know if that means I getting older or I'm gay.

Well hey ho as Larry Grayson used to say.

Ok I'm going to get myself together for the heavy 12 shows a week. And then my favourite Christmas at the Presonfield again with all the family, oh and David's girlfriend, Jessie, is joining us this year. This time last year David was a pop star. This year he is an out of work musician. He loves the challenge though. This time next year a pop star again.......

bye and Merry Christmas


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