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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Great weekend

HI, what a great weekend we have had. I arrived back from the Queen Mary 2 on Friday and David released his free download album (Late night viewing) at 1pm. The video for 'Lay on the Bonnet' was released the day before. He has done everything himself. Wrote, recorded and produced the whole album. Elliot from Example has also been a great mentor to him. David has features on the album with Ed Sheeran, Wretch 32, Example (Run the world, sounds like a hit to me) and Yasmin. Go to to download the free album. It really is good. Anyway only been out 5 days and had calls from 4 major record companies. BBC Radio 1 has picked up and just saw today that Capitol is going to play it on Friday. So all very exciting.
We also went to the O2 on Friday where we watched 18,000 fans go mad at Example. It was so professional. Sound lights and performance were sensational.
So its watch this space to see what materialises over the next few months.....doesn't matter about my career....its all about my children.
As for Kate. She is leaving Arts Ed and going to do a vocal diploma course at Vocal Tech in London. I have been very disappointed with Arts Ed. They haven't supported Kate at all over the last year and the standard of teaching with a few exceptions is very poor. So I'm sure you will be reading about my beautiful daughter in a couple of years and it will be not be through any help from Arts Educational School and their 'art teacher' head master who has never set foot on a stage in his life.
Ok I'm busy busy and enjoying the Cunard life at the moment. So will speak soon.



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