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Monday, January 30, 2012

Its all over now

Well I've been back a week now and have had time to reflect on how great the Panto was. IT WAS GREAT. In every aspect. Cast, crew, audiences, band ......everyone. We broke all the targets set by the theatre and by Qdos (the producers) We played to 92,000 people. We banked £1.5 gross and,on the whole, received great reviews. When I say on the whole as usual the usual complaints came from the usual critics.....the story is not the one we expected.... not enough "he's behind you" moments. When will they realise we don't do it like that. Paul and I make a point of not doing the old stuff. Lo and behold Tom (I don't like Allan Stewart) Dibden was very complimentary. Anyway the bottom line is in the reaction from the audience and on some nights it was like a Hampden football crowd. The new kids in the show couldn't believe it.
So I arrived home and was very healthy and full of energy....not what I expected. We had no illness at all during the run. Susan Boyle came to see the show but we couldn't think of a way of bringing her up on stage. The last time it fitted in perfectly but not this time. Still its lovely that she comes to see us every year. I wish her all the luck with her musical. Andy is in the show so I will be going up to see it when it opens.
I'm doing a Gala show (as Jolson) in Newcastle Royal Theatre on the 19th of Feb. then a couple of corporates, then off to LA for a break before I launch back into a very busy season with Cunard, my favourite cruise line. Couldn't believe the terrible Costa accident. However I'm not in the least worried about cruising that was...I'm sure, a one off.
David will have a new album released in the spring and it will be a free download. It has some incredible features on it. Some of the countries top stars have joined forces with him. Cant say too much just now.
Ok that's about it. Thanks again for supporting one of the top grossing pantos in the country.... and that includes England. Oh by the way lets not be silly out there..... lets all stay part of the United Kingdom.


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