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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Its hot

Well I'm writing this from a different location. I'm sitting in a very dodgy airport in Antigua. I have just arrived from London on British Airways and I missed my connection to St Maartin. I switched on my lap top and they have free internet.....not bad. I have a couple of hours to fill and then stay over night in St Maartin and then pick up the Artimus tomorrow. One show and then I fly back to London on Monday. Then onto the QM2 in Dubia. Not such a bad life. I had a nice week at home. You may have heard me mention Michael and Katherine in my other blogs. Well Katherine was working for a friend the other day answering the phones as a favour. So I phoned up and pretended to be, first of all, a dwarf looking for work, then a theatre owner looking for a dwarf and then a fashion company looking for a dwarf to wear childrens clothes. (the reason I did this was Katherine has a dwarf agency) I'm actually laughing as I write this. Unfortunately she didn't find it funny when she eventually found out. So Katherine I apologise publicly on my blog so the whole world can see it. I will never wind anyone up again.......
David was in Angel Studio recording with Luke Batt (White) on Sunday, in his capacity as a drummer. I have seen the video of it and its great. Kate did her show at Arts Ed last week and had a great time and Jane kicked some ass at work so all in all it was a good week. Not much else to tell you so I'll go and buy a drink at the very dodgy bar.


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