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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas

Hi Boxing day and all's well. I didn't have the problems travelling I had last year because we only had one show on Christmas eve. So I was home by 7 o'clock. It was great to be home with the family on Christmas eve for the first time in years. David had a lot of computer stuff for his recording studio and Kate was thrilled with her Mobile phone. She had been told she wasn't getting a mobile till she was 13 so she was so excited about it. Jane loved her clothes and everyone was happy with everything. We had our usual lovely day at Jane's mum and dads. The're such a great family. And here I am back up ready to start the long week of 12 shows. The family arrive later today and stay till the 2nd.
I have almost finished the plans for the Centenery show and the posters are up. I'm looking forward to it. The reviews for the panto have been great. Except for Tom Dibden in the Evening News. I have never known a critic who has two opinions of a show. He did the same last year. He gives us a great crit in the Local paper and then changes it for the Stage. What a twat. Anyway He's not important.
Ok our new year party at the Prestonfield is looming and all the family, plus some friends will be there. If its half as good as last year it will be wonderful.
bye. Speak to you in 07


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