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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We are open

Frist of all the other person who reads my blog (Ian) says my grammer and spelling is apolin ( don't know what he is talking about).
Anyway, we opened and the show is really great.....mind you I am biased. I forgot my opening line and fortunately the audience thought I was messing around and laughed. Trust me I wasn't. Anyway everything else went well. Mind you Andy Gray didn't let me forget about it and at the after show dinner everyone took great delight in getting their dig in. We have the big Centenery show on Friday, with the press in and a party after the show at the Festival Theatre. Andy and I are recording a bit for Scotland today and a lot of stars who have appeared at the Kings are being interviewed. The show is very lavish this year and I am really pleased with the comedy stuff I have written. You never know till the first show if the new gags are going to work. I have had some meetings about my own show at the end of January. I think it will be quite exciting. Ok must go time for our 2 oclock show.
My other reader Michael Harrison has a beautiful girl friend Catherine and if you are looking for a dwarf get in touch with her.......(work that one out)


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