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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

its all over

Well its all over. Not life, the Centenary show. It was better than I could have imagined. We did fantastic business. There were only a few seats in the Gods in the first two nights and it was sold out on the other two. Everyone in the show stormed them and it all came together perfectly. The main reason a show like this works with only one days rehearsal is that every single person involved is a pro. The back stage crew, lighting, sound, and of course the wonderful acts and actors on stage. Andy was his usual comic genius. Grant was his usual. Seriously he put a very funny piece about the Kings together. (plus a great wind up). Tony and Gerard were perfect as Francie and Jose. Katznjammer added style to the show and my wife added class. Jane didn't arrive untill 3 hours before the show because of problems in London. She went on and sang two new songs with very little rehearsal and was perfect. My sisters dance troup the Tena Ladies (renamed) were wonderful. The oldest was Irene and she walked round the stage like she owned it. Wonderful. Richard Anderson the MD worked above and beyond the call of duty and the band were amazing.My mate Ross King was brilliant. He sang did gags and played drums with the wonderful George Watson pipe band. And he was great to have around. Well as you can see I don't usually rave about anything but all the work I put into the show paid off. Although, Mr Dibden of the Evening news didn't agree, 6000 people roared with laughter over the four days. What a twat he is. Fortunately I always have in my mind that he is poorly paid Journalist with a strange problem (I cant go into that though) and has to get his kicks somewhere. So shall we do it again next year.....if I can come up with new sketches and a new act...... maybe.Now for my rant of the week. I have 100,000 British Airways air miles and in July and August there are only two dates I can use them on and they only have one seat available on these days. Can you believe the cheek of them. You are loyal to them and save the miles then you cant use them. Ok I'll write to the papers about it. Right I am off to New Orleans on Thursday and tonight Tuesday I am having my first Panto meeting with Paul Elliot. Can you believe it. I hope he has some ideas because I haven't.
The last word goes to Michael Harrison as always .....Where the fxxx were you?


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