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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I have been rebuked. A couple of people have said I am not updating my blog enough. It is only because once you open in Panto, not a lot happens. You get up, go into the theatre and come home. Apart from the odd drink.....or two, it's just work. Although I have to say fantastic fun work. I cant believe that after 7 years together doing panto, Andy, Grant and I still scream with laughter at the stupidist things.
The Centenary show is doing really well. The box office is very healthy and all the bits and pieces are coming together. I have a few surprises planned in the show as well as the billed acts. Ross is flying over next week (straight from the Sundance film festival where he is interviewing some stars.....Dean Park, Mary Riggins etc.
I will go home on Monday the 22nd and have a few days there before coming back up to start the show. I'm really looking forward to it. David is not performing now as he has a very important gig at Abbey Road Studios with Luke Batt. It is a pod cast for America. So he had to make a choice and Abbey Road won. Quite right too. After the Centenery show I am home for a week and then fly to New Orleans to pick up the Arcadia for a week round the Caribbean.
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