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Monday, August 29, 2011

Its been a long time.

Well its been a wonderful summer. Three weeks in LA. One of them down in an amazing Malibu beach house. Just as you dream it would be like. The waves crashing onto the beach as you sleep. Its always been Jane's dream to have a house like this and a good friend gave us his house. Then back up to Ross and Brianna's for the last 10 days. So chilled its scary. So back home and off to the Queen Victoria for a quick show. Still Cunard for the rest of the year and then Panto. Paul has the final script ready for me to see when I get back home. I enjoyed the 'Harry Lauder' cameo in the 'Happy Lands' movie. So we'll see what it looks like when it comes out next year. It was a great team to work with.
David touring and Kate has been to Ibiza and Israel and in October goes to Cuba. She lives life like a superstar. Very proud of her 6 GCSE's. She really worked hard for them, so well done my baby.
Ok that's it sorry didn't write for a while.


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