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Thursday, June 19, 2008

What a cheek.

I received a cutting from a Scottish newspaper from a friend. I think it was the Sun. They were talking about how female binge drinkers were being compared to men "If you drink like a man you may finish up looking like a man" (or something like that) Then they said, so dont drink to much ladies or might end up looking like Allan Stewart, and they had a picture of me as Dame last year.......what a fucking liberty.
I hope my updated web site will be up and running soon. Not to much change but I have a few new photos, a review section, and a video on there. I also hope to add videos as I go along.
Jane and I went to the Isle of Wight to see David and his band. He opened the Big Top stage on the Saturday. It was a massive gig for a young boy who has only worked live in 4 small venues. I know I'm biased but he really rose to the occasion.
Paul Elliott and I went up to Edinburgh to launch Aladdin (with the 3D genie) its going to be great this year. We also auditioned for a princess and we found a beautiful girl who was Miss Scotland and Miss UK. (Nieve Jennings) Not only does she look great she is a lovely actress and singer. So we are all set. Mr. Stott was on great form when we did the Q and A with the audience at the launch. Ok I wont leave it so long till the next time.


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