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Sunday, November 11, 2007

So soon

Hi, just had to write again. I'm absolutely loving the part of Roger di Bris in the producers. Opened on Tuesday and couldn't believe I got it all right. It was amazing. The entrance in the frock was great. but the magic moment is appearing on the stage dressed as Hitler and performing the show stopping song spring time for Hitler. The song builds and builds. You think its finished and it just gets bigger. Then the goosestepping puppets come on and it still gets bigger. Any way add to that a Saturday night Glasgow audience and you have it as good as it gets. In the fianle as we stood in a line with the audience standing and screaming Corrie English (Max) shouted "I love this city". The family all came up to see Saturday's show and Kate and David loved it. David doesn't like musicals but he said its the first one has enjoyed one because everything was in time. I know what he means. Every move fits perfectly with the music. Kate loved it as well. She is getting excited about her debut in her school musical. She is playing the lead in a musical about a weird, so am I (Goldilocks) Anyway only one more week to go and into rehearsals for the panto. I'm looking forward to that as well. Well just wanted to let you know how lucky I am to enjoy my work so much.


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